Authentic Leadership in a Racist Anti-Black World

Developing and Sustaining a Healthy Approach to Systemic Anti-Racism


Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard is a published author, adjunct professor, district administrator and organizational development specialist with over 25 years’ experience preparing adults to lead in the workplace. Rachelle specializes in challenging agency leaders to interrogate and dismantle racist policies, practices, and procedures that hinder leading effectively across differences.  Dr. Rogers-Ard designs and facilitates customized training around leadership and racial bias utilizing Social-Emotional best practices, and showcases the necessity for organizational Core Values to drive employee retention and outcomes.


Dr. Knaus is a critical race theory practitioner, educator, scholar, and researcher, with almost 30 years of experience challenging intersectional racism in schools. Dr. Knaus cultivates educational leadership pathways, educator of color preparation and support programs, and student-voice centered approaches to transform school and higher ed systems. With collaborations across Cali, the Pacific Northwest, and South Africa, Dr. Knaus supports creative, healing-centered abolitionist education that prepares youth and adults to navigate and transform global anti-Blackness. Follow me @cbkvoice


Services Offered

Our focus centers employee leadership development, where we challenge all staff to develop actively anti-racist policies, procedures and practices while creating systemic conditions across all levels to support an engaged, diverse, locally responsive, anti-racist workforce. In addition to custom workshops, seminars, strategic planning efforts, and coaching, leadership series include:


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